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following some recent larger paintings i’m now available for commercial pieces in the form of painting installations, murals and other large-scale wall/ceiling pieces. these would be ideal to use as a feature wall in a vibrant office space, or to brighten up a corner of a busy coffee shop or restaurant!

please keep in mind prices may increase for more complex or colourful designs, and the prices listed here are primarily for simple one- or two-colour pieces


• non-refundable initial design sketch @ £100 per sq/m (drawn to scale, includes one revised sketch including changes)

• additional revised sketches @ £50 each

• please have a solid brief, including colour ideas, when you contact me – this will speed up the process and save you money in the long run

• £150 per day of painting (a full day assumes a 9am-6pm day with a one hour break)

• prices include travel and materials (brushes, paints, stepladder if necessary, protective sheets and tape)

• please make sure the surface is ready to be painted on when I arrive, preparing the surface can require additional materials and will take extra time that I will charge extra for – preparation may also include plastering or a base coat of paint onto which I can work

• facetime/skype consultations can be provided at £30 per hour to discuss ideas. this is preferential as it is quicker and clearer than dealing with a brief by email, and it also provides me with a chance to see the space i’ll be working with and plan accordingly


• initial email from you containing brief, budget, deadline and approximate size of installation

• optional video call consultation to clarify ideas and to view the space remotely (preferred if travel times are over one hour each way)

• site/shop visit to see the space in person, discuss hazards and preparation that will be required for walls etc – during this time I’ll quote the time i anticipate the project taking so we can see if it meets your budget and allows us to discuss changes in complexity or size if it is too expensive

• deposit of at least 50% for the initial sketch drawn to scale

• feedback and revised sketch(es) as necessary

• remainder of payment for initial sketch + additional revised sketches is sent

• the day before painting starts I’ll arrive at the site/shop to drop off any materials I’ll need for the project – this will not be included as a day of painting and will be arranged at no extra cost to you

• the first day of painting I will arrive around 30-60 minutes before work starts to set up my workspace and make sure it doesn’t impact any walkways for staff or customers – if the space has to be prepared with a base coat this will be counted as one painting day to allow for drying and additional coats

• workdays will last from 9am until 6pm unless otherwise discussed – pricing may be updated to reflect any changes to these hours

• final payment is expected the day before anticipated completion, the installation will not be completed or finalised until the full payment has been received