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given the diversity of my projects, commissions are priced based on materials required, size and price of postage

prices given below are reflective of simpler colour designs as is my preferred style, these may increase if a piece is more complex and due to take more time to complete

page paintings

• single page (framed) - £50

• a4 piece (multiple pages, framed) - £100

• a3 piece (multiple pages, framed) - £150

• 50cm xx 70cm piece (multiple pages, framed) - £300

wooden hands

• painted - £60 each

• burned - £100 each


• a5 piece - £50

• a4 piece - £90

• a3 piece - £200

• 1m x 1m piece - £400

please include brief, budget and deadline details when you contact me

a 50% deposit is required before i start the piece and will keep you updated as the project develops

i can accept payments in instalments that suit you, but your order will not be sent out until the full amount has been received